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Education Policy 2020 S1

Education is fundamental for achieving full human potential, developing an equitable and justsociety, and promoting national development. Universal access to quality education is thekey to ascent and leadership on the global stage in terms of economic growth,social justice, equality, scientific advancement, national integration, and cultural preservation. Education must develop both ‘foundational capacities ’of literacy and

Aptitude Question

Aptitude Solved Problems Questions : 1. Certain sum becomes 2 times itself at compound interest in 4 years. In how many years it becomes 8 times? 2. A man can row 6 Km / hr in still water. If the velocity of the current is 3 Km / hr and it takes him 4 hours


Logical Reasoning1. Which of the following is the same as sial, sima, Mantle?A. CoreB. CometC. IonosphereD. AsteroidAnswer : A. CoreExplanation :All are layers of earth’s crust. 2. Sparrow is to Seed as Silkworm is to ______A. PineB. MulberryC. MapleD. SilkAnswer : B. MulberryExplanation :First feeds on the second. 3. Choose the word which is least

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