Indian Economy

Q.1 The name of the joint venture that was announced between Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and S&P Dow Jones is?(A) Asia Index
(B) BSE index
(C) BSE and S&P Index
(D) S&P Jones Index

Answer : A

Q.2 The Asian countries of RCEP have offered a concession to this country to open up its markets?

(A) Thailand
(B) Malaysia
(C) Philippines
(D) India

Answer : D

Q.3 Under which provision did the U.S. revoke the duty free imports on 50 Indian products?

(A) Generalised Goods and Products System (GPS)
(B) Goods and Services Tax (GST)
(C) Generalised System of Preferences (GSP)
(D) Goods and Preferred Supplies (GPS)

Answer : C

Q.4 Which among the following got an approval from SEBI to launch copper large futures contract?

(A) Zerodha

Answer : B

Q.5 India Signs 38 pacts to give impetus to the manufacturing of capital goods for the iron and steel industry. What is the agreement amount of it?

(A) $1.5 Billion
(B) $3 Billion
(C) $5 Billion
(D) $8 Billion

Answer : C

Q.6 As per the report of US, which country name is removed from the currency monitoring list?

(A) South Korea
(B) India
(C) Switzerland
(D) Germany

Answer : B

Q.7 Finance Ministry increased interest rates for non-governmental provident funds, gratuity and superannuation on 13th October 2018. The increased interest rate is;

(A) 8%
(B) 8.3%
(C) 7.5%
(D) 8.7%

Answer : A

Q.8 As per the latest report of IMF, what is the growth rate of India for the 2019?

(A) 7.1%
(B) 7.2%
(C) 7.3%
(D) 7.4%

Answer : D

Q.9 As per the Trade and Development Report of UNCTAD, what is the GDP growth of India for 2018?

(A) 7.0%
(B) 7.2%
(C) 6.8%
(D) 6.2%

Answer : A

Q.10 For which crop, the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs, CCEA, has increased the Minimum Support Price (MSP)?

(A) Rabi
(B) Wheet
(C) Rice
(D) Maize

Answer : A

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