GS Facts

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Please find Civil Service Exam GS Facts compiled by respected BPSC Qualified Parinay Kumar Prasoon sir, you may share it with aspirants , take printout and revise daily.

GS Facts
Dadri Cattle Fair is organised at Ballia.

Fat is circulated in blood in the form of Lipoprotein.

To make the glass hard Potassium Chloride is used.

According to August Offer, there was a proposal for formation of a Constituent Assemblyafter the war in which Indians will take decision on the Constitution as per their Social,Economic and Political Concepts.

A new Hard Pressure Ventilator ‘VITAL’ for the treatment of Covid-19 has been developed
by NASA.

The 64th session of United Nations Commission on the Status of Women was inauguratedin March 2020 at New York.

4th session of World Heritage Committee of UNESCO has recently been cancelled. Thisconference was to be organised at Fuzhou (China).

In April 2020. construction of world’s biggest Football stadium having 10 lakh seatingcapacity has been started in China.

In ‘World Happiness Report 2020’ released by United Nations Organisation India’s rankis 144th.

Theme of the World Water Day celebrated every year on 22nd March was ‘Water and
Climate Change’.

In April 2020, Iran has launched Military Satellite ‘Noor’.

Shobhana Narsimhan has recently been appointed as Honourary Member of AmericanAcademy of Arts and Sciences.

A report related with the Military Expenses in the world has been released by SIPRI.India’s rank in the countries having highest Military Expenses is third after America andChina.

First Virtual Petersberg Climate Dialogue 2020 was organised in April 2020. This dialoguewas co-chaired by Germany and Britain.

Under Art. 80(3), Ranjan Gogoi has recently been nominated for the Rajya Sabha.

To fulfill the target of India of 5 Trillion Dollar by the year 2024-25, Small Industries
Development Bank of India (SIDBI) has declared to start ‘Swavalamban Express’.

In the year 2019-20 (April-November), the growth rate of production of fertilizers industry
among the eight major industries of India remaind highest.

According to Economic Survey 2019-20, three big trade partners of India were America,China and UAE respectively.

In Economic Survey 2019-20, the Standup Scheme has been extended upto the year2025.

Sholas forests found at Niligiri, Annamalai and Palani hills are included in TemperateForest type classficication.

(Mineral Region) (State)
Dalli Rajhara – Chhatisgarh
Badampahar – Odisha
Baba Budan – Karnataka
Bhandara – Maharashtra

To promote social justice and to provide free legal assistance to the poors, article 39Awas added to Directive Principles of State Policy by 42nd Constitutional Amendment.

President of India is the authority to declare any caste or tribe as Scheduled
Caste and Scheduled Tribe, this is mentioned in Article 341.

Montrex Record is related with Weltlands. Which is looked after by Ramsar ConventionSecretariat. Montrex is situated in Switzerland

Saccharomyces Cerevisiae named yeast is used for the commercial manufacturing ofEthanol.

( Scheme/Programme) (Budget Allocation 2020-21)
(Crore Rs. )
MNREGA – 61,500
P.M. Gram Sadak Yojna – 19,500
Jal Jivan Mission – 11,500
PM KISAN – 75,000

Nationalisation of Banks in India was firstly done on 19 July 1969. Nationalisation wasdone again on 15 April 1980.

The “Vision Zero Approach” re related with Road Safety sector.

The MSP for agricultural product given by Govt. of India comes under ‘Amber Box’,agricultural subsidy box in the WTO.

National Research Centre for Women in Agriculture is situated at Bhubneswar (Odisha).

The relation between biotic and abiotic components of an ecosystem is called

‘Varkari Community’ in Maharashtra
was established by Saint Tukaram.

District of U.P. having lowest Urban Population Percentage -Shrawasti.

Metabolic Control – Thyroxin Harmone
Fireproof Cloth – Aluminium Sulphate
Pesticides – Rodenticides
Dissection of Ultravoilet Rays – Crooks Glass

Seventh Schedule of the Constitution can be amended by special majority of theparliament and ratification of the states not by simple majority.

Article 65 – The Vice President to act as President
Article 64 – Vice President to be the ex-officio chairman of Rajya Sabha

The number of members/employees and service terms of Joint Public ServiceCommission is deteremined by President.

Saharanpur districts of Uttar Pradesh is famous for the production of oranges.

Magnesium and Phosphorus are the macro nutrients.

‘Penang Islands’, ‘Zelubu Valley’ is the main Tin Mining region of Malaysia.

Under article-111 President uses the Pocket Veto Power.

‘Vivhitra Natak’ is the Autobiography of last Sikh Guru, Guru Govind Singh.

Due to damage of Cerebellum of human brain, there is hindrance in the muscular co-ordination.

Spores Microbe remains live and active after the boiling of water also.

‘Krama Dance’ is related with Sonbhadra and Mirzapur

There is a provision for the Joint State Public Service Commission in the Constitutionof India. Joint State Public Service Commission is formed by the Parliament on the request ofState Legislature.

Central Bureau of Investigation works under Ministry of Personnel.

Wainganga and Penganga both are tributary of
Godavari. Out of which Penganga is the south most.

Malic Acid is found in Apple.

Bacillus Pseudomonas is known as the bio fertilizer for disolving Phosphorus.

The period of third Five Year Plan is 1961-1966. Establishment of UTI (1964), IDBI (1964)
and Food Corporation of India (1965).
Lead Bank Scheme was startedin 1969 on the recommendations of Nariman Committee.

provision for the joint
meeting-article 108.

Prarthna Samaj was founded by Atmarang Pandurang in the year 1867.

Papaya – Caricaxanthin
Apple – Anthocyanin
Sugar Beets – Betanin
Turmeric – Xanthophyll

Cytochrome is found in Mitochondria. This is a series of Hemoproteins, main bioticwork of which is electron transfer.

( Vitamin) (Chemical Name)
Vitamin-B2 – Riboflavin
Vitamin-K – Philoquilone
Vitamin-B12 – Cyanocobalamine
Vitamin-E – Tocophero

State having lowest male literacy is Bihar (71.2%).

( Ramsar Site) (State)
Tsomoriri – J & K
Deepor Beel – Assam
Harike Lake – Punjab
Point Calimere – Tamilnadu

Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) is published by German Watch.

Right to Work, Right to Education and Public Assistance is described
in Article 41.

State Finance Commission is a constitutional organisation. Its formation is mentionedin the article 243(I). Its objective is to review the financial condition of the Panchayats. It isformed by the governor on every 5 years.

President will decide the matters related with the disqualifications of member ofparliament according to the advice of election commission, this is mentioned in Article 103

Borders of Ukraine, Georgia, Turkey, Russia, Bulgaria etc. touch Black Sea.

Atharvaveda was translated in Persian during Mughal Period by Ibrahim Sarhindi.

Green Peace Movement related with Environment Protection and Consciousness was
started in the year 1971 at Vancouver of Canada. Its headquarters is at Amsterdam(Neatherlands). This movement uses ‘Rainbow Warrier’ named ship for its campaigns.

Annie Besant (First Women President) – Kolkata Session, 1917
Sarojni Naidu (First Indian Women President) – Kanpur Session, 1925
Nellie Sengupta (First British Women President) – Kolkata Session, 1933

Establishement of departmental and cabinet system was the main feature of Indian
Councils Act of 1861.

Global Peace Index is released by Australian thinktank, Institute for Economic and

north to south order of Gulfs
Gulf of Persia
Gulf of Oman
Gulf of Khambhat
Gulf of Aden.

Middle Paleolithic place Langhnaj, from where residues of 14 human skeleton have
been found in excavation, is situated at Gujarat.

‘Ganit Sar Sangrah’ is written by Mahaveeracharya

Battle of Daurah – 1532 AD
Battle of Chausa – May 1539 AD
Battle of Kannauj – March, 1540 AD

Firishta was a Persian. He was related with Bahmani Empire and he wrote the History
of South India.

During Sultnate Period ‘ Zawabit’ word was related with Group of Regulations. Sultan
used to produce Muslim Laws through it.

Cabora Bassa Dam is situated over river Zambezi.

Cedar – Coniferous Forests
Eucalyptus – Temperate Evergreen Forest
Ebony – Tropical evergreen Forest
Beech – Temperate Deciduous Forests

Santhal Rebellion – 1855-56
Rampa Revolt – 1879
Tana Bhagat Movement – 1914-15
Munda Rebellion – 1895-1901

Ramabai Ranade had established Ladies Social Conference (Bharat Mahila Parishad) in
Mumbai in the year 1904.

East India Association – 1866 AD
Poona Sarvajanik Sabha – 1867 AD
Indian League – 1875 AD
Bombay Presidency Association – 1885 AD

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