Current Affairs

Quiz on Budget 2019

1. What is the name of new water conservation scheme announced by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman during budget 2019 speech?

a)Jal Jeevan Mission

b)Jal Jyoti Mission

c)Jal Sanrakshan Mission

d)Samaan Jal Adhikar Mission

2. Name of education body announced by Nirmala Sitharaman to promote research in India.

a)National Research Foundation

b)National Scholars Foundation

c)Research Institute of India

d)All India Research Institute

3. The Union Government has proposed to make which two identity cards interchangeable?

a)PAN and Aadhaar

b)Aadhaar and Voter ID

c)Metro card and Aadhaar

d)Voter ID and PAN card

4. How much amount is allocated in the Union Budget 2019 to boost credit in Public Sector Banks?

a)Rs 20,000 crore

b)Rs 50,000 crore

c)Rs 70,000 crore

d)Rs 90,000 crore

5. The Union Budget 2019 targets what amount through the disinvestment of CPSEs including Air India?

a)Rs 90,000 crore

b)Rs 1,05,000 crore

c)Rs 1,50,000 crore

d)Rs 1,95,000 crore

6. The Union Government has proposed modernization of which among the following in Budget 2019 to enable ease of living?


b)Bus Stands

c)Metro Stations

d)Railway stations

7. An encyclopedia is being developed on which among the following freedom fighters?

a)Vallabhbhai Patel

b)Subhas Chandra Bose

c)Chandra Shekhar Azad

d)Mahatma Gandhi

8. Name the yojana that has been proposed by the Union Government for the fisheries sector?

a)Pradhan Mantri Karamyogi Maandhan Yojana

b)Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana

c)Pradhan Mantri Matsya Shram Yojana

d)Pradhan Mantri Bandargah Maandhan Yojana

9. The Budget 2019 reduces tax rate for companies having annual turnover up to Rs 400 crore. How much tax these companies need to pay now?

a)10 percent

b)15 percent

c)20 percent

d)25 percent

10. For which sector a new TV channel would be launched as announced in Budget 2019?





Current Affairs

1. Name of RBI Deputy Governor who resigned six months before his term ends?
a) Pankaj Sinha
b) Abhijit Prasad
c) Suresh Prajapati
d) Viral Acharya

2. What is the venue of G-20 Summit 2019?
a) Paris
b) New Delhi
c) Moscow
d) Osaka

3. Who was appointed as Director of Research and Analysis Wing (RAW)?
a) Samant Kumar Goel
b) Anil Kumar Dhasmana
c) Sushil Chaturvedi
d) T Chandrashekaran

4. Padma Vibhushan E. Sreedharan recently resigned as the Principal Advisor to which corportation?

5. Who has been recently appointed IB director?
a) Vipin Kumar
b) Arvind Kumar
c) Sanjiv Seth
d) Ashwani Singh

6. The IOC has stripped the Olympic status of which among the following International sports associations?
a) FIH
c) IWF

7.Which country has agreed to revoke its citizenship given to Mehul Choksi?
a) Antigua
b) Australia
c) Peru
d) Brazil

8. Which Indian bowler has recently become the second Indian bowler who has made hat-tricks in World Cup history?
a) Mohammed Shami
b) Bhuvneshvar Kumar
c) Kuldeep Yadav
d) Jasprit Bumrah

9. When was World Refugee Day observed?
a) June 21st
b) June 22nd
c) June 20th
d) June 23rd

10. Which industry icon is set to retire as Executive Chairman of his company in July?
a) Azim Premji
b) Ratan Tata
c) Lakshmi Mittal
d) Shiv Nadar

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