4 Logic Puzzles That Will Increase Your IQ

Solving different kinds of logic puzzles is the best way to keep your brain active and sharp. Even if you graduated a long time ago, it doesn’t mean you should stop challenging yourself.
1. According to the order of operations, things in parentheses get calculated first. That’s how you get this: 6 ÷ 2×3 = 9.
2. #3.
3. According to Archimedes’ Principle, the weight of the submerged piece of ice is equal to the weight of the fluid that is displaced by the ice. At first, the water level was lowered. But when the ice melted, it turned into water of the same weight. That’s why the water level won’t change.
4. There are 10 numbers in this picture:


  • Very Interesting….


  • Wow very good and interesting. Sir keep helping societyRegards,Manoj k Mishra


  • V k Jha said…I understood your all questions and the answer you gave. they are all right but your second question was difficult. didn't understand me that what question saying remaining I understood. And last few words I would say for you that you are such a good person and maths trickle teacher thank you Sir and I would say to God that make the good for your classes. Again in the futures if any types of problems I have would contact you.ThanksMy email :-sjha75866@gmail.com


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